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Proven Blockchain Experience

We make your blockchain projects reality.
With over 42 years of combined real-world blockchain development experience, we have a proven record of designing, coding and deploying enterprise quality, scalable and secure tools for global solutions. Here is a partial list of projects we’ve built:

Simplicity Kiosk and Bitcoin42

The world’s first multi-cryptocurrency ATM and payment terminal - Bitcoin42 does blockchain education, events, customer service and is a local exchanger.


We have created the fastest decentralized multi-modal global records system. Backed by blockchain technology, it has a built-in international payment network.

Votabit - Voting Recordation System

A secure and transparent method of electronically recording, submitting, securing, tabulating and verifying election results in real time while providing 3rd-party oversight and documentation.

Our Developments

Here is a partial list of projects we’re currently building, or asking for funding to do so:

Imaxess - Global medical records system

A global medical records system backed by blockchain technology, with an integrated international payment network. Performs deep learning queries across the entire dataset. Trains next generation AI systems to spot signs of chronic disease long before they have a chance to become life threatening issues.

Gemspace - Open world game engine with cryptocoin monetization network

A vast open world social game powered by user contributed content. Similar to Second Life, except it's a true game. The engine mines in the background and the modder earns cash based on how many people are hanging out in their realm.

NvesTTech - Wall Street for the rest of us!

Add our HTML tag to your business website, and all website visitors who have installed the NvesTTech plugin will be shown your investor offering providing them a seamless mechanism for investing in stock of your company.

About us

Alec Hahn

Alec has been involved with Bitcoin and has worked with several blockchain technologies and startups. His work as a media designer has been commissioned and displayed at the Museum of London, Deutsches Museum in Munich and Cineteca Nacional in Mexico City. Alec has written, directed, produced, photographed and edited various short films that took him to film festivals around the world. As a freelancer he has worked predominantly for the Rachel Carson Center in Munich. He also has worked in regional and national television and theater in Germany. He designed the branding, among other for Imperfectu, which is part of Earthivism, a non-profit organization also co-founded by him and through which he promotes social, cultural, and environmental activism.READ MORE ON HIS WEBSITE

William Banks

William is our mastermind architect , he has a MBA with an emphasis on IT Management from Western Governors University. He also has COMPTIA Project+ Certification. He is currently in charge of selecting the various technology platforms that Gemspace leverages for it’s operations as well as strategic business planning. Prior to creating Gemspace, William was employed as an IT Consultant at bluechip companies such as HP & JP Morgan. Before becoming heavily involved in the crypto-currency and blockchain world, William has spent the last few years traveling and freelancing.

Dawn Parker-Waites

Dawn Parker-Waites is a serial entrepreneur, writer, journalist, political thought leader, tech geek, cultural commentator and new media artist. She is seasoned social activist and was an organizer for the Occupy movement in San Diego. She is the founder of San Diego Loves Green, an online magazine started in 2008 and sold in 2012 to a public company. She is a founding board member of the Sustainability Alliance of Southern California, and worked on the CA statewide campaign to defeat Prop 23. Dawn also taught in the Green Energy Management program at San Diego State University. She is enjoying a cultural adventure living as a gringo in a quaint seaside bungalow in Baja, Mexico.

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